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After focusing on small changes in our sessions last month, the most popular changes members wanted to focus on were more consistent tracking of food and revisiting portion sizes. This prompted me to create the "Tracktober" challenge. It's a focus in the sessions that will help us get into the routine of regular tracking.

Whichever way we do it, tracking our food intake is always going to be beneficial when we are focusing on making a calorie deficit. It's an individual preference how we do it, some like to keep a food diary or journal, where writing it down gives a great degree of accountability and routine. Others love technology and apps which can give a lot of ease to the tracking routine.

Nutracheck for me is the best nutrition App there is, that's why I recommend it. I love being able to scan food barcodes, create recipes, see restaurant calories and keep an eye on a good balance of nutrients.

In the sessions this week we will be looking at ways to track food more effectively. Meal planning, pre tracking and being mindful are great routines to help stay focused, also making good estimates with foods we have no control over. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas too.

If you want to hear more and join us on the Tracktober challenge, come along to any of the sessions and I will get you started.

"I can and I will"

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