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How It Works.

Weight loss happens when we create a calorie deficit with the food we eat each day and counting the calories we eat is a sure way of achieving that deficit. Technology is such that there are some great Apps available with barcode scanners, recipe builders, activity tracking etc. that accurately count and track the food choices we make each day. I have teamed up with Nutracheck and using my code ABNDWL24 will give a discount on their selected plans. If Apps aren't your thing a food diary is recommended for counting and planning. The great thing is that all food packaging has the calories written on it which makes it very easy to keep track. This coupled with a weekly group weight loss or 1:1 session is a sure way to achieve those weight loss goals. 

Click HERE to see more about the Nutracheck App

Thai Cuisine
Thai Cuisine


I believe in a balanced approach to food and food choices. For years I've seen people cutting out foods or food groups or labelling food as good or bad when

they are trying to lose weight. We do have a responsibility to eat well but all foods can be factored in and weight loss will be enjoyable, liveable and sustainable. 


I do get concerned about the diet jargon I see and hear, especially on social media. Terminology like "I'm off plan" or "on plan"  "I'm having a cheat meal" or a "cheat day" which to me is old diet culture thinking. Creating a liveable food lifestyle is about making and owning choices each day and being mindful that you have set yourself weight loss goals. No foods are off limits and tracking what we do eat helps keep everything in balance. Lets think differently and focus on creating a lifestyle that is liveable for both weight loss and maintaining.

Blueberry Crepes
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