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Have a very merry and joy filled Christmas.

We are all probably in the midst of lots of Christmas preparation's right now, whether its food prep, shopping, wrapping, tying things up at work ready for a break. Whatever we are doing it's certainly a busy time and all to easy to get caught up in it all. We still have Covid-19 in the mix too and it's throwing a curve ball into a lot of peoples arrangements.

This message is really a shout out for us all to make ourselves a priority and for us all to look after our own well-being this Christmas. Lets do the things that bring us peace and joy. We all have different ways we care for our well-being and mental health, here are a few suggestion's from the members of my Weight Loss & Well-being Sessions. I'm sure you could add to them too:

  • Fresh air .. Getting out for a walk is always a great way to create the feel good factor. If its a chilly day why not have some lovely hot soup or a hot chocolate when you get back too.

  • Baking .. Getting creative in the kitchen is such a joy. Making our favourite Christmas recipes with lovely festive ingredients and those lovely smells that fill the kitchen.

  • Meditation .. Taking time just to be quiet. Switch everything off and take a moment to be still. It doesn't have to be for a long time, 10 minuets is often enough but for me the longer the better. Why not use an App like Headspace or Calm or use the breathing exercise's on your Fitbit or smart watch?

  • Pampering .. A bubble bath, face pack, painting nails, foot spa, hair treatments are all things my members have said they love to do. What will you do to pamper yourself and have some time to yourself?

We need to enjoy our food too and there isn't any reason to do without anything, many of us have come a long way this year with weight loss, mindset and activity changes and I know these will help with our choices and help us do things different to how we have done things in the past.

Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and joy filled Christmas.

From all of us at Weight Loss & Well-being.

Take good care.

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