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6 Months and counting!

This week marks 6 months since the start of my Weight Loss & Well-being Sessions. What an absolute joy it has been, I've seen it go from a tentative idea to a community of like minded people who are pursuing a journey of health and well-being and who are moving away from diet culture to a liveable, sustainable lifestyle. Read on to hear how things have gone ....

The Community.

We now have 4 local sessions in Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Pagham. 2 virtual sessions and a 1:1 timetable for people who want a private or more convenient time. We continue with the well-being walk each week which has been instrumental in forming and strengthening friendships in the membership.

The members only Facebook group is thriving too and much appreciated by all the members.

In 6 months I've seen a total of 155 stone (2170.5lb) lost in this community. Weight loss isn't the only result though and I have seen changes in members health too i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, joint ache, better sleep, increased mobility, lowered risk of type 2 diabetes and changes with type 1.

2 of my members have been able to join NHS list for joint surgery because of their weight loss.

Well-being and mental health is changing too. Making ourselves first priority has reaped so much reward for some. Moving more, creative activities, doing things that bring joy to the soul and thinking differently to the diet culture methods and terminology has all helped to create a more liveable and happier lifestyle for so many.

How We Lose Weight.

Weight loss happens by simply making a sensible calorie deficit. It doesn't need to be dressed up in anything faddy or complicated. It doesn't need to be reinvented every so often or focused around exclusive products. We just need to include the foods that are important to us to eat, with healthy choices at the core of what we do. Its personal to each member and it leads to longevity with weight loss and a maintaining lifestyle.

Calorie counting is pure and simple. Everything is accounted for with no free or unlimited food choices or thinking to confuse things. Knowledge is power and knowing the calories in food and drink gives real results when making a calorie deficit. I recommend the Nutracheck App (there are other apps and books available too). Its an amazing app which gives control and insight to the food choices we make.

The Future.

Looking ahead I'm looking for to guiding members through the rest of this year with all the challenges the festive season brings. 2022 will see more sessions added to the timetable, both locally and virtually and a continuance to help members transition from diet culture and and the damaging mindset and terminology it give out.

Well done to everyone who has joined me. Its not always a smooth journey but with group support and being with people who know how you feel is always an advantage to struggling and going it alone.

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2021

What a fantastic achievement for you and all of your members. 155 stone!! Plus all of the additional benefits that come from losing weight. Your sessions are heart-warming, motivational, funny, inspiring and a damned good excuse for a natter with like-minded people 😁. Thank you Neil for all of the time & effort that you've put into the last 6 months. For me personally, I couldn't have done it on my own. Anita A

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