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My Journey ..

It all started sitting on my lounger sunning myself in the Caribbean, whilst enjoying a cocktail or two. One of my family members took some photographs of me and, I was totally mortified at what I saw! I couldn’t believe that was me, how could I let myself get to that size? I started to research weight loss programmes and came across Neil. I previously knew of Neil from his other ventures in the past and he’s had a personal weight loss success himself. 

I took the initiative to contact Neil straight away and enquired about his new programme for weight loss and wellbeing.  He replied straight away with a very supportive and encouraging message – “See you Tuesday!”

Tuesday 21st February 2023 - D Day came and what a Shocker! The scales do not lie, I wish they did. My goal had been set; I was going to attempt a 2 stone weight loss, let’s not overdo it, I set this as a realistic target. 

I needed to feel healthier and I had another cruise booked in August. I wasn’t going to look or feel that way on holiday again. 

Neil introduced me to the app called Nutracheck , which as an ambassador, he could offer at a discounted price. This App records your calorie intake, nutrition and any activities you do throughout the day.

Neil also has, good choice, quality snacks available in the sessions, both savoury and sweet, chilli pretzels were my firm favourite. Remember that these still have to be counted!

I attended the sessions weekly, they proved to be very helpful and encouraging. Being with other members in similar circumstances and members who had also continued to attend the sessions after reaching their goal was invaluable. Everyone who attends is very friendly and supportive, sharing ideas, recipes, and their personal experiences both in the sessions and in our Facebook Group. 

Each week I lost around 2 pounds, it was surprising over such a short space of time, how quickly the weight was going down and in seeing the numbers drop how this motivated me more to stay on track. I still went out for meals with my family and friends, I made better choices and was more mindful of what I was consuming, e.g. changing wine for gin and slim-line tonic. 

Each week my weight loss was recorded in my book and at each milestone I was given a certificate.  It is surprising that on receiving my first certificate, how encouraged I felt and how proud my family were of my achievement. This helped to spur me on to obtain more certificates and start a collection. As the weight reduced so did my clothing size, this spurred me on even more.

After achieving a 2 stone weight loss in June 2023, I recalculated my goal and on the 19th December 2023 I had reached a 50 pound weight loss! I was totally shocked throughout my journey how the Nutracheck App made my daily food and exercise choices easier and the group gave me the extra support and encouragement needed to help me achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I would like to thank Neil and all the Tuesday Collective, for all their help and support. The banter, laughter and shared experiences definitely made this journey more achievable and enjoyable. Now at goal, I will continue to attend meetings and use the Nutracheck App to support me to make mindful choices. I feel more confident, happier and more energised to take on my daily routine.

Mandy x

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