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About Neil

My Story


Right from mid teens until I was 40 I struggled with my weight. Many times I would gain weight and then lose it again but each time I gained weight it would be more than the previous time. When I reached 40 I reached the heaviest I had ever been. That coupled with high blood pressure, joint and back ache, breathlessness and constant sweating was the wake up call I needed. 

My history of losing weight wasn't good. Many times I went from overeating to eating very little or I would try the latest fad diet from a newspaper or magazine. My relationship with food was very chaotic and I was always looking for the "perfect diet solution" This alongside the images I saw in the media of what men were supposed to look like had me believing that I should be exercising in a certain way too to lose weight and be healthy.  Over the years I spent lots of money on gym's or home gym equipment .. all to no change whatsoever . 


 At 40 I decided that I wanted to lose the weight for the last time and create myself a liveable lifestyle. I started to take my health concerns seriously and embarked on a journey that sees me now, still maintaining a 70lb weight loss after all these years with a much healthier relationship with food, a walking/running activity routine that I love and a completely different mindset when it comes to looking after my physical and mental health.

I've discovered that being overweight isn't just a food issue. Its about habits, mindset, emotions, social pressures amongst other things. To make changes it all starts with small steps, support and a desire for things to be different. 

"If you change the

way you look at things,

the things you look at


My Coaching History.

After my experience of losing weight and creating a whole new lifestyle I felt inspired to become a coach and pass on the success I had achieved. I became a coach for WW in July 2000 and it was the start of an amazing career. For over 20 years I saw hundreds of members achieve so much success. I ran between 4 (part time) and 12 (full time) weekly meetings and it was a privilege to be part of so many peoples journey.

Because of the success of my members my career became successful too. I received the Diamond Coach Award 3 times and the coveted Jean Nidetch Award in 2014 an award given to only two coaches in the UK that year.


My passion is still to see people succeed in pursuing a change of lifestyle that makes a difference to their physical and mental heath and to do it in a liveable and sustainable way.

After leaving the WW business in December 2020 due to redundancy, I became an independent weight loss and well-being coach in May 2021 providing local motivational groups, virtual groups, 1:1 sessions and a regular walking group. 

Come and join me!

Weight Loss Journey.
Started Aug 1999
Reached goal Jan 2000
Start weight 16st 4lb
Goal weight 11st 4lb
Total loss 70lb
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