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Time For Some Soup!

It's that time of year again! We are looking for hearty, warming, filling and heathy meals. It's lovely to see my members getting the gadgets out and making the most of the autumn produce. Soup makers, blenders, slow cookers and the trending air fryers!

Soup is always a filling and nutritious meal; it can be as low or as high calorie as we want it to be and for us who are looking to lose weight it's a great fuller for longer meal. I'm always asked for soup recipes but often I just throw what's available into the soup maker and let it do its thing! But I do love a recipe too. The internet is a great resource for anything, and recipes are no different.

A little search this morning and this great list of soups from BBC food came up. Looking through there are some amazing recipes. some have calories ready counted and the rest can easily be entered into the Nutracheck App, counted and saved.

Check out the list here - Easy soup recipes - BBC Food

Bon appétit

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