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Celebrating One Year Of Weight Loss & Well-being!

It was lovely to celebrate the one year anniversary of our lovely sessions and 1-2-1's last week and to review what we have achieved in that time. It’s been a different experience for us all and here are are few examples of what I've seen ... Weight loss, new confidence, habit changes, self-care, medical & medication changes, clothes confidence, mobility changes, pre-diabetes reversed, better sleep or due to circumstances simply hanging in there to preserve how far we’ve come already, it definitely shows it’s not just about what you lose, it’s about what you gain.

Across all the sessions we have had a fantastic 452 stone weight loss in this first year! And that figure represents a lot of time effort and investment in ourselves, but as you’ve read above, it equates to much, much more than just weight loss. So well done everyone for seizing the day and pursuing this journey, doing things differently and getting different results. let’s move into a new year with even more determination to care for ourselves, our bodies, our wellbeing and value the support and friendships we have each week in our sessions and our Facebook Support group.

One year in and I’m still as passionate as ever that we move away from the diet culture, diet jargon and old dieting myths & mind-sets, it really does need to be a different experience so we can live a lifestyle that is enjoyable, healthier and free from restrictions. I still see many people shackled to old weight loss plans and the rules that they have been following for many years! We need to break free from all this and all the good food/bad food perceptions, cheat meals, food guilt, on plan/off plan thinking, free/zero foods, or having to do quizzes to determine what to eat etc.! What we need is to make and enjoy our food choices, have healthy eating at the core of what we do and create a realistic calorie deficit, that's why pure and simple calorie counting works. For the new year ahead let's continue to take ownership of our food, activity and self care choices, its always the first step to creating change and a liveable lifestyle which supports our weight loss.

Thank you to all those who come along and support these sessions, in doing so you support yourselves, each other and this small local business.

A massive Thank you too, to Dianne my friend and fellow coach who has supported, encouraged and been there every step of the way. I couldn't have done this without you Dianne.

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